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Europe's only full-service provider for crematoria

All about us and our offers

Obliged by tradition. In every aspect

With our professional experience as a partner for crematoria, we understand the importance of respectability and reliability in this industry. What's more, we set an example for these qualities every day and in everything we do. Which means that our clients can always count on us, and in all aspects. Be it in the lawful disposal of dusts, provision of additives, or absolute transparency in the recovery of precious metals, we are qualified and certified to the highest degree in every one of these three areas.

We stand for shared values. Even with our signature

Proclaiming values is one thing. To also commit oneself to them in black and white is quite another. Which is exactly what we did in 2013 when we signed the Code of Ethics of the International Cremation Federation (ICF). Furthermore we also feel committed to integrity and responsible action to the highest degree for inner motivations of our own. RECREM is a service provided by REMONDIS Medison. Furthermore we internally driven for responsible action and committed to integrity of the highest degree.

Collection, disposal, recycling and additive supplies. All from a single source. Without contractual commitments

Disposal as it is meant to be: professional, lawful and environmentally compatible

What to do with mercurial dusts and polluted spent furnace linings? Simply give them to us. We will take care of everything, from the container provision via their collection through to the lawful disposal. Dependably and with the certified competence of an internationally engaged model company. Our affiliation with REMONDIS guarantees you 100 percent professional treatment of all residual substances concerned. It makes suitable disposal facilities available to us within the group, for example, enabling us to ensure that the waste is stored safely in keeping with the legal requirements.

Comprehensive container service

To collect the dusts, we keep a whole range of suitable containers and bulk bags on hand that we can always deliver to you at short notice on call. Our service naturally also includes the collection and exchange of full containers for empties.

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Optimal flue gas clean-up. Thanks to high-quality additives

As a full-service provider, we will naturally also supply you with adsorbent for the toxic gases generated in the cremation process. Namely, we are offering you Sorbalit® PRGS 70/30 for this, a quality product made from 70 percent calcium oxide (CaO) and 30 percent activated carbon. A composition ensuring that acidic components and heavy metals will both be optimally bound and filtered out afterwards. We are thus helping you guarantee continuous compliance with your legal requirements for flue gas clean-up and environmental protection at all times.

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The highest rule of metal recycling: Nothing is more precious than trust

Anyone providing metals for recycling or precious metals for recovery needs an absolutely trustworthy partner for this. Even more so where cremation is concerned. We put all our effort into being precisely that trustworthy partner for you. It goes without saying that transparency is the top priority here. But it also includes more for us: for example the individual support. In view of that fact, nothing generates more trust than personal contact.

Why your residual metal is in the best of hands with us

Full service from container provision to their collection through to the recycling

Recycling to the highest standards in special wasteplants of REMONDIS

Customer-specific container solutions from drums (60 l) to large refuse containers (240 l)

Active contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection

High security through container sealing

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When every gram counts, it is best to count on RECREM

Professional material analysis, extensive staff know-how and cutting-edge recovery methods are only three of the many advantages to speak off for RECREM in precious metal recycling. All of them guarantee that not a single gram will be lost in the recovery. But even more important is that we will treat the entire subject of precious metals exactly as you expect us to as a client. Which first and foremost includes that we are available to you in person. With a fixed contact person who will weigh and document the material on your premises just in time, and then transport it to our own smelting works. A telephone call will do: +49 2306 106-615

The REMONDIS Group is home to one of the world's leading recycling specialists for precious metals: REMONDIS PMR

REMONDIS is one of only 60 companies around the world with the Good Delivery processing status for precious metals

Recovering precious metals with RECREM – all the advantages at a glance

Control and security right from the start

The material to be collected will be weighed in your presence, the containers are sealed on site. The entire collection process is documented in pictures.

Seamless documentation

Every step - from the analysis, to the various separations and smelting procedures through to the creation of the final bar – is documented in the greatest detail.

Maximum security

The closed process chain within the REMONDIS Group guarantees you absolute security.

Separate treatment

Your material will be provided with a unique ID and runs through each process step as a single batch. Intermixture with other materials is excluded.

Fair compensation

Your payment for the recovered precious metals is precisely calculated down to the last gram. The amount is based on the day's LBMA value, naturally.

RECREM // Eine Lösung der REMONDIS-Gruppe